Did you place an order in one of our Online Stores? If so this is the page for you. Please note the information below ONLY relates to orders placed thru our Online Stores.

Need to get in touch with us about your online order, please email Orders@ThirtyMarketing.com (this email is for online orders only) or call 860-381-5801 during regular business hours, simply ask for Online Orders.

Keep in mind, ALL of our Online Stores Merchandise is a pre-order method. We DO NOT have any of these items completed sitting on a shelf like a retail outlet. All Online Stores Merchandise is made to order, therefore we do not produce any items until a store has closed and then we produce all of that stores items together. This takes approx. two (2) weeks once a store has closed. This method allows for lower pricing on items as well as a larger selection of items, sizes and colors for all stores.

Did you get my order? If we received your online order with no issues then you will receive an automated Order Confirmation email from Orders@ThirtyMarketing.com. If you did not receive an order confirmation email please check your spam folder first, if you do not see one there drop us an email with your First and Last Names to Orders@ThirtyMarketing.com.

Is my order ready? You will receive an Order Completed email from Orders@ThirtyMarketing.com when your order is completed. Usually this is about two (2) weeks after a store closes. Please keep in mind, we do not produce any items for any online store until that specific store has closed and then we produce all of that stores orders. If you ordered from a store that doesn’t close, it takes us about 2-3 weeks to produce.

Where is my completed order? If you have received an Order Completed email from Orders@ThirtyMarketing.com then it will tell you how you wanted us to ship your order. There are really only three (3) primary shipping/delivery options which can change based on what is requested from the organization we are working with. If you selected USPS Priority Mail then you will also receive an email with tracking information once the label has been created. If you selected Organization Distribution then we are giving your completed order to whoever it was that sponsored your store (like a PTO or Sports League). If you selected In Store Showroom Pick Up then your completed order has been placed in our Online Store Pick Up area; please visit us during regular business hours for pick up OR if you want us to leave it outside after hours we can do that too, just let us know.

Shipping methods were missing when I placed my order? Well, no not exactly missing, you just weren’t allowed to select certain ones. With some stores, the group we are working with, has requested that we do not allow certain shipping options or only allow certain shipping options. It depends on what they choose to do and each one is different. Some you may see all three shipping options or you may only see two shipping options. If you live out of state you may only see one shipping option which is USPS since you won’t be walking into our showroom anytime soon.

There was no shipping method to choose? Did you order an item that did not give you any options for shipping? So two things could have happened. First, the order is too large to ship, for example Graduation or Birthday Yard Signs. ALL of these items are available for pick up in our showroom ONLY. The other option, which is popular for Event Merchandise, is that your order is being sent directly to that event for pick up there.

I ordered from two different stores at the same time! If you placed one order that had merchandise from two different stores, for example a school store and a youth sports league store they may not be completed in full at the same time. This is because they may not follow the same open and close dates together. No worries, you will receive an Order Completed email when everything is done. Until all items are done, you will not receive an email since our software cannot mark an order completed in full until all items are done. But if you see your friends wearing gear from a store you ordered from, give us a call 860-381-5801 or email Orders@ThirtyMarketing.com and we can let you know exactly what is done and not done.

I choose In Store Pick Up but I can’t get there during regular business hours? No worries, this happens a lot actually. Since your order is prepaid thru the online store system we are happy to allow someone else to pick it up for you. We are also happy to leave your completed order outside after business hours so you can pick up on your way by. We try to avoid this if it rains for obvious reasons. We are not responsible for lost of an order that is placed outside. Hasn’t happened yet so it seems to be OK to do!! Just call 860-381-5801 or email Orders@ThirtyMarketing.com to request these options.