How do the stores work?

It’s simple, you send us your graphic (or our design team can make you one, no charge), we put the graphic on the products you want to offer, you can choose to set a mark up on items to make some extra $$ for your organization or not, and we put the store up for about 2 weeks. Once the store closes we make the items and deliver them as needed. Oh yea, did we mention that you get your very own online store manager, no dealing with customer call centers or emails from someone who you don’t know. One person who can easily assist you with your needs.

How long after the store closes do customers get their orders?

Our goal is to have all orders to customers within 2 weeks of the store closing or sooner. If we will not have all items ready, which we are still feeling supply chain issues due to COVID, we will be in touch with that customer and explain situation and give options if available.

How does shipping work?

We offer 3 methods of shipping. Showroom pickup, so the end customer comes and gets their own order from us. Organization Distribution, where we give the orders to the organization running the store and they distribute to the end customer. USPS, we ship our USPS Priority Mail anywhere in the USA. Depending on your store and location will determine the best shipping method(s) for you.

How do I make money on my store?

You set your pricing, below is an example store with products set at NO PROFIT. Most organizations will mark up about $5 per item on low priced items and about $10 on higher priced items. You can do whatever you want with pricing. After your store closes and orders have been delivered we will send you a sales report of your store. When this happens you have two choices. The first is we cut your organization a check for the proceeds you made. The second is we issue you a credit to use at Thirty Marketing in the future. For example, a sports team does an online store and makes $250. They can use that as a credit to purchase polos for the volunteer coaches.

Can items be personalized?

Yes, we can personalize almost all items using heat press or embroidery. Heat press vinyl is used for putting names and numbers on the back of shirts, like a sports jersey. Embroidery is used for fleece items and most of the time is either located on the right chest area, sleeve/shoulder and we can even do this method for ballcaps. We can work with you on your specific needs. All sublimated items like water bottles, tumblers, Christmas ornaments and coffee mugs offer personalization also.

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